Infralite designs and manufactures innovative LED Lighting solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications. From domestic lightings and housing societies to education campus, corporate offices, shops and establishments, factories and many more, we at Infralite continue to pioneer technology advances in energy saving products.


The demand for energy is increasing rapidly and becoming a central environmental issue for the entire world. Our R&D team is committed to make green energy an economical solution for our customers. Infralite emphasizes on the quality of its products and product innovations to suit the needs of its customers.


Our product line has energy solutions that not only keeps pace with global needs, but anticipates them as well. Committed to design excellence Infralite has produced a range of high-performance products which include LED Flood Lights, LED Home, office and industrial lighting solutions and rural home lighting solutions, to name a few.

Our Vision
Our vision is to make the world of tomorrow cleaner, greener and environment friendly. With this vision, we introduce energy saving products that will help heal our world from the harsh effects of climatic change and educate people about energy and cost-saving methods that will make the world a better place to live in.
Our Mission
Our mission is to create energy saving and eco-friendly solutions that will help make the world greener and healthier. Along with a dedicated research and development we are on a mission to ideate, innovate and create world-class products such as LED and Solar lighting solutions that match up to international standards.